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Cubs keep tradition alive, send pizzas to Astros front office

The Cubs passed the torch or “delivered the pizza” so to speak to the new World Series champions.

The Cubs sent congratulatory pizzas to the Astros front office Friday.

When the Astros flipped opened one of the pizza boxes, “CHEERS! From the Chicago Cubs” was taped at the top of the box.

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The Cubs sent congratulatory pizzas to the Astros front office. | Astros/Twitter

The Astros tweeted a picture of a pepperoni pizza with their World Series hats.

“Huge thank you to the Cubs for continuing the World Series tradition of sending our front office a bunch of pizza!” the Astros tweeted from their official account.

The Cubs responded with an Addison Russell gif writing: “It’s an honor to carry on a World Series tradition. Congrats again!”

The delicious tradition of sending pizza to the new World Series champions stems from when the Red Sox sent a pizza to the Giants in 2014. The next year, the Giants sent pizza to the Royals, and then the Royals had Giordano’s, the Cubs’ official pizza partner, send pizza to the Cubs last November.

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