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White Sox fan finds a sneaky way to stick it to the Cubs

At most, the Cubs and White Sox play each other six times in the regular season. But between the fans, there is competition all 365 days of the year.

One White Sox fan found an especially sneaky way to mock the Cubs and forever remind the team and its fans of the 2005 World Series.

If the hat stays put, it could be one of the best fan pranks in baseball history.

It’s not the first time a stunt like this has been pulled. When the New York Yankees built their new stadium, a Boston Red Sox fan working on the job mixed a David Ortiz jersey into the cement.

The Yankees eventually located the jersey and excavated it. The team auctioned off the jersey for charity.

Unlike the New York incident, the culprit in Chicago didn’t provide a timeline of when the hat was dropped in. That should make it much harder for the Cubs if they wanted to pull the hat out.

As the Cubs race for the playoffs, it would almost fit the storyline for something like this to happen.