For Kirk Cameron, the actor who first found fame on the TV sitcom “Growing Pains,” making faith-based films has been a passion for some time.

Recently the actor and producer called to explain why it was important to him to do “Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas,” the limited release film opening Friday.

The basic premise of the film focuses on Cameron attempting to convince his Scrooge-like brother-in-law that he shouldn’t let the trappings of Christmas celebrations confuse what the holiday is all about.

“For me it was a new way to deliver a message about Christmas,” said Cameron. “I wanted to do something to inspire uproarious celebration and laughter and joy this Christmas. There is no reason not to enjoy the so-called superficial things as well as the faith-based fundamentals of what Christmas is all about.”

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The actor made it clear that for him and his family, it’s OK to have fun, while still recognizing the why Christmas is important to Christians.

“While some people want to rip down nativity scenes in the public square, there are others who rightly say commercialism has blurred the true meaning of Christmas.”

But Cameron subscribes to a central path and agrees with “other people who say that things like Christmas trees and presents are actually traditions rooted very deeply in Biblical ideas and historical characters that actually enhance and support the true meaning of Christmas.”

For Cameron there is room for it all. “We should have laughter, and singing, and gift-giving, and music and Christmas cookies and stockings and trees and joy.

“It’s all part and parcel of our celebrating the birth of Christ.”