Having created a string of hit shows for ABC, Shonda Rhimes of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” fame next will be concentrating on the printed page.

The superproducer has agreed to write her first book, publisher Simon & Schuster announced Tuesday. November publication is planned for the book, called “Year of Yes.”

In a storyline reminiscent of the 2008 Jim Carrey movie “The Yes Man,” Rhimes plans to write of her 12-month period of answering unexpected invitations in the affirmative.

“Saying yes for an entire year turned out to be one of the most amazing decisions I have ever made,” said the native of south suburban University Park. “It was also a little insane, a lot terrifying and sometimes wildly embarrassing. So this is not a story I ever planned to share with anyone. However, once Simon & Schuster asked me, I had no choice – what else could I say but yes?”