Conflicting reports on crack pipe story involving Ashley Greene

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There seems to be two different stories coming out of a new report involving the devastating fire in “Twilight” star Ashley Greene’s apartment in West Hollywood that occurred in March 2013. First TMZ reported a glass crack pipe was found amoung the debris in the unit — a claim included in the sworn deposition of the building manager, Adrian Mayorga, who is suing Greene, claiming he “suffered permanent respiratory damage” from the blaze. Several other building tenants are also suing Greene, due to the fire, which took the life of a dog.

While the TMZ report also noted that on the night of the fire, Greene, her brother and her then-boyfriend Ryan Phillippe were supposedly sleeping in Greene’s condo. Phillippe, the ex-husband of Reese Witherspoon, has not only denied being there that night, but also has said he had never set foot in that building.

A source told Us Weekly on Sunday that the crack pipe story is totally false, noting that story in Mayorga’s testimony was secondhand — coming from comments he had been told by an unidentified third party.

While Mayorga’s testimony also included the statement that Greene and her guests looked “disoriented … they looked like they were drunk or under the influence of something,” the Greene friend told Us Weekly “Of course, Ashley was disoriented! She was awoken at 9 a.m. to her house being on fire. Who wouldn’t be?”

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