David Sedaris does Reddit AMA to kick off his new book tour

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School of the Art Institute of Chicago alum and former “This American Life” star contributor David Sedaris, one of America’s foremost humorists, did a Reddit AMA (as me anything) session Wednesday to kick off a 45-city tour for his newest book, “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls.” According to his official tour schedule, Sedaris is not currently scheduled to stop in Chicago.

Here’s some of what he had to say, with the help of his typing assistant Victoria. (Sedaris claims he still types with one finger and has to look at the keyboard).

The best thing he ever ate

Dinner at Santo Padre in Rome. I think it used to be a stable? I was in Rome, and somebody sent me an email and said, “You should go to that restaurant.” So we did, and it was phenomenal. Not super-fancy, but bite-for-bite, the best food I’ve ever had in my life. It’s worth going to Rome to eat at Santo Padre. That’s… Santo Padre! The waitress speaks 17 words of English. You do the rest. You just say “prego” and point at other people’s plates. What I liked about it was the waitress would say, “You want pasta course? You want fish course?” and you just keep saying “Yes” and she chose what it was. That was what was great about it. I don’t like having to make decisions in restaurants.His brother Paul, aka “The Rooster”

Well, actually, we used to call him The Rooster. Now we call him “The Juicester.” Everything. Everything. Everything goes into his blender. And comes out the texture of applesauce. And brown. He eats like a baby.

His Halloween costume this yearI have a show on Halloween. So I will probably wear these pants I recently bought in Tokyo that come up to my nipples. I got them at the Dover Street Market, and they’re ridiculous. I always wear a tie when I’m onstage. So I’ll just be dressed up, except I have pants that come up to my nipples, that’s the only slight difference.

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