Perry blasts Obama for ‘Great Depression’ era scheme

SHARE Perry blasts Obama for ‘Great Depression’ era scheme
SHARE Perry blasts Obama for ‘Great Depression’ era scheme

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is jumping on the GOP bandwagon and blasting President Barack Obama’s proposal for net neutrality.

While Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, compared it to “Obamacare for the Internet,” Perry is calling Obama’s plans a “Great Depression” era regulatory scheme.

Advocates for Obama’s plans say that reclassifying broadband as a utility is the only way to prevent service providers from negotiating side deals to provide faster service to some, while penalizing others with slower speeds.

Perry disagrees.

“President Obama’s call to saddle 21st century technology with outdated, unnecessary regulations from the era of the Great Depression is alarming and will stifle innovation and growth,” Perry said in a statement Wednesday evening.

Perry also said any “regulatory uncertainty” due to Obama’s “ill-conceived plan” could delay Texas becoming home to some of the first cities that can handle 1-gigabit Internet speeds.

Via The Hill

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