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CTA bus window smashed during dispute in Logan Square

Four people have been taken into custody after a CTA bus window was smashed during what police say may be a gang-related dispute Friday evening in the Logan Square neighborhood on the Northwest Side.

A vehicle was following behind CTA bus No. 82 about 5:35 p.m. near Kimball and Palmer because someone inside was involved in a dispute with several passengers on the bus, authorities said.

The vehicle then pulled in front of the bus, someone approached and smashed a bus window near where the other members of the dispute were sitting, police said.

CTA spokeswoman Tammy Chase said the person likely used a weapon, such as a tire iron, to smash the window. No one was injured.

Four people were subsequently taken into custody and charges were pending against them Friday night, police said.

Police said the dispute is thought to have been gang-related.