R. Kelly

The latest updates and coverage of Robert Sylvester Kelly, the entertainer known as R. Kelly, as he faces felony charges that include sexual abuse, child pornography and racketeering.

The Grammy-winning artist, who once won hearts around the world with his “I Believe I Can Fly” anthem in the 1990s, remains on track to leave prison in the 2040s when he’s in his late 70s.
Kelly is already serving a 30-year sentence for a federal racketeering conviction in New York. So the crucial question Thursday will be whether U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber feels the need to punish Kelly further.
Prosecutors have asked a federal judge to sentence Kelly, 56, to a quarter-century in prison as a result of his conviction in Chicago last summer. They said Kelly should not begin serving that sentence until after he has finished serving a 30-year federal prison sentence for racketeering.
Kelly’s defense attorneys claimed a key witness against him lied when she said she was “undecided” about whether she would seek restitution from the singer if he was convicted.
Kelly is set to be sentenced in Chicago on Feb. 23. But the big question is whether the judge adds to the 30-year sentence Kelly is already serving for his racketeering conviction in New York. That sentence is likely to keep Kelly behind bars until his late 70s.
“Jane’s testimony was not truthful when she claimed she was ‘undecided’ about whether she would seek restitution from the Defendant,” the motions states.
“I pleaded with Kim Foxx and her team to see the cases through,” said Lanita Carter. “Justice has been denied for me.”
Cook County indictments involving to four women were filed in 2019, but Kelly has twice been convicted on federal charges involving some of the same alleged victims, and is serving a 30-year sentence in New York for sex trafficking.
Derrel McDavid’s lawyers argued that prosecutors “told the jury a story that had to be false.”
The Chicago Sun-Times received the message through an email service for federal inmates. In it, Kelly appears to complain about the theft of his music, his health troubles, and the loss of his career, money and family.
Kelly is already serving a 30-year prison sentence for a racketeering conviction in New York. His time behind bars is likely to increase when he is sentenced by U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber.
Dec. 13 hearing set for R&B singer convicted on federal charges related to sex with underage girls in New York, Chicago, after prosecutors seek more time to gather documents.
Derrel McDavid’s defense team aggressively challenged the feds’ case during the trial, and McDavid spent more than two days on the witness stand. In a motion Monday, his defense attorney also seemed to take some credit for helping Kelly avoid conviction on additional charges.
Prosecutors said they were not ready to make a decision about whether they would continue with their prosecution.
R&B star still faces charges for sexual abuse of four victims, including three minors, in Cook County.
The disgraced R&B superstar was found guilty of abusing three girls in federal court in Chicago Wednesday.
It took 11 hours for jurors in the R&B star’s trial to reach their decision, finding Kelly guilty on six of 13 counts.
Now in its fifth week, Kelly’s trial on federal child pornography and obstruction charges has reached its final stage.
After four weeks of testimony, jurors will soon decide the fate of the Chicago-born R&B star and his two co-defendants.
The trial ended its fourth week at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse with more than two days of testimony from Kelly’s co-defendant and former business manager, Derrel McDavid.
Kelly attorney Jennifer Bonjean objected to Derrel McDavid’s “theatrics.” McDavid took off his glasses, wiped away tears, and said, “this is not theatrics, ma’am.”
Kelly attorney Jennifer Bonjean has complained about McDavid’s testimony, insisting it could prejudice her client. However, McDavid’s testimony so far seems more helpful than harmful to Kelly.
Jim DeRogatis, a former music critic and reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times, received an alleged child porn tape central to the current federal prosecution of singer R. Kelly from an anonymous source two decades ago.