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Northwest Side man held without bond in stabbing death of girlfriend, daughter

A Northwest Side man accused of viciously stabbing his live-in girlfriend and 7-year-old daughter to death nearly decapitated his child and plunged a knife so deep into the girl’s chest, the blade came out of her back, Cook County prosecutors said.

Ania Kosinska and Victoria Kotlinski’s lifeless bodies were discovered in pools of blood in the kitchen of their home, in the 3400 block of North Odell Avenue Sunday morning.

Officers also found the family’s cat and dog stabbed to death and knives were scattered throughout the kitchen, authorities said.

As Assistant State’s Attorney Robert Mack detailed the gruesome injuries inflicted on the victims in court Tuesday, Maciej Kotlinski sobbed.

Kotlinski says he has suicidal thoughts and suffers from acute psychosis and schizophrenia, according to court records.

Judge James Brown ordered Kotlinski, 35, held without bond and asked that he be hospitalized while he’s in Cook County Jail.

Kosinska, 34, suffered seven stab sounds to her chest, an incise wound to her left jaw and defensive stab wounds to her left hand and forearm, Mack said.

Victoria suffered five stab wounds to her back during the attack, which authorities believe took place sometime between Saturday and Sunday.

The girl also had a large incise wound to her neck, defensive incise wounds to her left hand and forearm, and contusions to the head, eye and mouth from where Kotlinski kicked her in the head, Mack said.

Chicago Police officers rushed to the home on Odell Avenue after they were contacted by the Waukegan Police Department Sunday morning.

Kotlinski went to his parents’ home in the far north suburb and allegedly admitted to his stepfather that he had killed his older daughter and his girlfriend of nine years.

The family called Waukegan police and asked that the Chicago Police conduct a well-being check at the home on Odell Avenue.

Kotlinski, a construction worker, was arrested Sunday at a Waukegan hospital, according to his arrest report.

Kotlinski later told Waukegan and Chicago police what he had done, Mack said.

Kotlinski’s 3-year-old daughter was with him when he was in Waukegan, Mack said.

She was not harmed.

Kotlinski relatives who were in court Tuesday refused comment.