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Downstate cop accused of stealing from homes while on the job

BELLEVILLE, Ill. — An Edwardsville police officer has been charged with burglarizing homes and businesses while on duty.

Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons says 41-year-old Brian Barker of Moro is accused of stealing money from the register at a spa while on duty. Gibbons says Barker also was found to possess seven firearms stolen from individuals and businesses.

Barker is charged with 13 felony burglary counts, as well as one count each of aggravated possession of stolen firearms and official misconduct. Gibbons alleges the crimes took place between May 2012 and last month.

Gibbons says Barker is free on $175,000 bond.

A phone number for Barker listed in Madison County was not operational.

He is on administrative leave without pay.