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Only recently revealed, Jeremy Renner’s wife now wants divorce

Gannett News Service

First it was a secret. And now it’s over.

Jeremy Renner’s short-lived union with Sonni Pacheco is blowing up into a public divorce battle.

She has filed papers to end their 10-month marriage, according to TMZ and Gossip Cop reports, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Renner and Pacheco first were known to be an item when she was pregnant with their daughter, Ava, and living at his Los Angeles home. Ava arrived in March.

Then in September, he was spotted sporting a wedding ring and confirmed that the couple had tied the knot. He explained that he was “extremely private” about his personal life.

But this doesn’t appear to be an amicable split.

According to documents, Pacheco is now asking that Renner return her allegedly stolen passport, birth certificate and Social Security card.

Pacheco is claiming her prenuptial agreement with Renner should be voided because of “fraud,” but she isn’t specific about why or how he was fraudulent.

She is seeking spousal support and wants physical custody of Ava.

Renner’s rep has not responded to a request for comment.