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Nick Rakocevic: “I’m still playing with St. Joe’s”

St. Joseph center Nick Rakocevic is tired of all the rumors. Talk of a possible transfer started early in the season and heated up after the Hinsdale Central loss. Rakocevic was benched in the second quarter of the game and did not play in the second half. The 6-11 junior wants to set the record straight.

“Everyone has been calling me and asking if I quit and am I going to transfer,” said Rakocevic. “I just need everyone to know nothing happened and I’m still playing with St. Joe’s.”

It’s been a tumultuous year for the Chargers. At times, Rakocevic hasn’t seemed to be on the same page with teammates or coaches. With Glynn Watson, Jordan Ash, Joffrey Brown and a slew of contributing underclassmen, St. Joseph has the talent to win the Class 3A state title.

Since early in the season, Rakocevic has said the Chargers’ problems are more about intensity.

“We are just intense about winning,” Rakocevic said after a win over St. Charles East in November. “We’re yelling at each other sometimes but that’s in the heat of the competition because we all want to win so badly.”