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The Cubs have met with free agent pitcher Jeff Samardzija

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Jeff Samardzija fires to the plate. Thursday May 9, 2013 I Scott Stewart~Sun-Times

Jeff Samardzija and the Cubs have a very unusual relationship. After drafting the pitcher and watching him grow into the team’s ace, the Cubs were unable to reach a contract agreement and traded Samardzija before the 2014 deadline.

While things worked out extremely well for the Cubs, who brought back Addison Russell and two more minor leaguers from Oakland, Samardzija hit a rut. The A’s traded Samardzija to the White Sox where he would go on to have the worst season of his career in 2015.

Now, it seems, the two sides are willing to forget their previous negotiating troubles and give it another shot.

During the first round of negotiations in 2014, the Cubs reportedly offered a 5-year deal around $85 million. Samardzija was looking for something in the neighborhood of $100 million and turned it down.

Coming off of his 2014 performance, however, that price has likely dropped. Signing Samardzija would reunite the pitcher with Cubs pitching coach Chris Bosio. On the “Mully & Hanley” show on 670 The Score Thursday morning, Bosio said he was excited at the idea of reuniting with Samardzija.

“Any team would love to have Jeff Samardzija, especially a team that already knows him,” Bosio said. “It’s really a guy who’s got his blood in our dirt already. Um, gamer, another guy that, you know I think that people like to come out and watch pitch. He’s a performer, high level performer, and he’s another guy that loves the big stage.”

Bosio went on to say that his relationship with Samarzija is great. The two can talk without fear of hurt feelings and have a mutual trust.

“It would be wonderful if we could see him in a Cubbie uniform. I think I speak for everybody,” Bosio said.

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