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If Theo Epstein prediction holds, MLB teams will copy Royals’ speed, athleticism

About two weeks ago when the Cubs had as good a chance as any of the other blue teams to win the World Series, Theo Epstein was pontificating on the secret to winning a championship.

The Cubs president of baseball operations was pointing out that baseball—like many sports—becomes a copycat league when it comes to winning.

From USA Today:

“The only thing I know for sure is that whatever team wins the World Series, their particular style of play will be completely en vogue and trumpeted from the rooftops by the media all offseason — and in front offices — as the way to win.”

Epstein said if the Cubs were to win the World Series, other teams would copy their blueprint and try “to develop their own core of homegrown position players.” If the Mets won, teams would be looking for “four ridiculous young starting pitchers.” If the Blue Jays won,

“you need to fill your lineup with right-handed epic mashers and make a huge trade at the deadline,” Epstein said.

What did Theo say of the Royals?

“If the Royals win, you need to have speed and athleticism and contact up and down your lineup.”

There’s your recipe. Start the hot stove.