Red fox & Sunday notes: Chicago outdoors

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Led by Wild of the Week, Sunday notes from the Sun-Times outdoors page.



On his cell phone, Rick Rieman photographed my favorite mammal in Norwood Park last month.

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Wednesday: Northeast Illinois dinner, Midlane Country Club, Wadsworth. Contact Jack Fields, (847) 274-3958; Don Kellum, (847) 308-6651; Bert Metz, (847) 732-3825


Saturday: Lake County chapter’s youth hunt, Richmond Hunt Club, free, register with Matt Mercereau at (847) 561-2061 or!special-events/c1evl.


Tuesday: April Vokey, DuPage Rivers Fly Tyers, Room 1234, Health Science Center, College of DuPage, 7 p.m.,


Sunday: The Early Show, presented by the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance and DuPage Rivers Fly Tyers, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Mayslake Peabody Estate, Oak Brook,


Saturday:Pheasant, quail and rabbit seasons open


E: “Are the salmon running anywhere in Chicago this fall? It really has been slim pickings this year at our North Side harbors, such as Montrose and Belmont. Are there some better areas out South? I understand things are challenging due to the cutbacks in planting salmon, but this is about as lean as I can remember. Blessings.’’ Mark Jones

A: Always good to hear from Jones, the North Side pastor who preaches truth on salmon and life.


Replica of world-record whitetail buck by a bowhunter, arrowed by Mel Johnson on Oct. 29, 1965 in a Peoria County beanfield.

Credit: Dale Bowman


Mel Johnson, who arrowed the world-record typical whitetail buck taken by a bowhunter on Oct. 29, 1965, at a show appearance a couple years ago.

Credit: Dale Bowman


50: Years since Mel Johnson (pictured to the right at an outdoors show) arrowed the archery world record for a typical whitetail buck (204 4/8 inches) on Oct. 29, 1965 in a Peoria County beanfield

The photo above is the replica as seen in a Bass Pro setting above.


“We know it can only go so long, then they send us home. It is not good for morale. This is uncharted territory.’’

An Illinois site superintendent, on Gov. Bruce Rauner’s inability to work with the General Assembly on the budget


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The 6-9 Illinois recruit is the 65th Sun-Times Player of the Year and the fifth from south suburban powerhouse Thornton.
The American dream, however, comes with lots of paperwork for Afghan refugees. Some Chicago lawyers are trying to help them jump through the hoops.
Cook County Judge Tracie Porter put her ruling on hold until Friday, expecting Trump’s lawyers to appeal. They did so hours after the decision was handed down. For now, nothing has changed at the ballot box. If Porter’s ruling does go into effect, she ordered that “any votes cast” for Trump “be suppressed.”
Prosecutors have accused defense attorneys for the four people convicted of conspiring to bribe Michael Madigan of “claiming victory prematurely.” But one defense attorney predicted that “the convictions are not going to stand.”
Purity tests, owning the libs, keeping their base angry, prostrating to Donald Trump and getting reelected are just some of the things Republicans have decided are far more important than governing.