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Report: 7 Big Ten sports departments lost money in 2014 [GALLERY]

While college sports is bigger than ever and revenues are at all-time highs, several large programs are operating in the red, according to a comprehensive report this week by The Washington Post.

The Washington Post took an extensive look at the books of 48 big-time athletic departments in the five power conferences and found that money goes out the door as quick as it comes in.

From The Washington Post:

Six years had passed since Rutgers’s last big athletics purchase — a $102 million expansion of the football stadium, which the former athletics director said would help finally make the program financially self-sufficient. That plan hasn’t worked yet. In 2014, Rutgers’s athletics deficit topped $36 million, an amount equivalent to losing $1, every second, for a year.

Rutgers, by far, had the largest deficit in the Big Ten, but six other schools are also operating at a loss.

2014 Big Ten sports department

[Note: Data via The Washington Post; Northwestern’s was not available]