The Derrick Rose jumper is broken and is by no means an easy fixer upper

SHARE The Derrick Rose jumper is broken and is by no means an easy fixer upper

The Derrick Rose jump shot is broken.

There’s no need to look at the numbers to figure that out. It’s an obvious aspect of the point guard’s game that fails the eye test consistently throughout the first 12 games he’s played in this season.

Let’s just say Rose misses – and there have been many – aren’t exactly of the in-and-out variety.

And while $20-million-a-year players shouldn’t be afforded much wiggle room in the excuse department, here’s his temporary hall pass.

Bulls First-year coach Fred Hoiberg knows a little something about jump shooters. You don’t become the “Mayor’’ of Ames, Iowa, with an ugly jumper.

What Hoiberg noticed over the summer in watching film on Rose was that he’s made a career of a flat shot that became shaky after three knee surgeries. “Finish high,’’ has been what Hoiberg has been preaching to Rose over and over again.

Then again, it’s hard to finish at all when the guard had to undergo surgery back in late September to repair an orbital fracture, leaving him with double-vision. So besides the knee issues and the eye issue, Rose is trying to tweak his jumper on the fly of an NBA regular season.

Good luck.

“It’s just legs,’’ Rose said of the process. “Making sure your legs are in conditioned to take that many shot attempts, get up shots like that. The arms is one thing, but like I said, with the surgeries and everything, your whole life you’ve been used to a one-two rhythm.

“When you have surgery you got to learn that rhythm all over again. I’ve had three of them so it seems like every year I have to find that rhythm, and this year that’s all I’m trying to do now.’’

That’s why Rose is often seen in practice doing more one-handed shooting from long range, making sure to keep his follow through up for an extended period of time. “Finish high.’’

The results so far?

Very mixed.

One of his better shooting games was the 29-point performance in the win over Oklahoma City in which Rose went 12-for-25, and looked very comfortable in doing so. There was also a 9-for-18 showing against Indiana, which included 2-for-2 from beyond the three-point line.

The bads, however, have come more frequently, including a 3-for-13 back on Nov. 7 against Minnesota, as well as the Friday night showing in Indiana when Rose was 4-for-16 in the loss.

Rose will never be mistaken for Stephen Curry, but his current .363 shooting percentage this season is the second-lowest of his career, only trailing the .354 percentage he was working on back in the 2013-14 season which ended with a knee surgery after just 10 games. His current .214 percentage from long range would be a career worst.

“With surgeries and everything, the depth perception on the rim is coming to me a little bit more,’’ Rose said.

Fine, but there’s a reason Rose’s hall pass should only be a temporary one.

The guard admittedly knows his jumper has always been an issue, flat and all. Knee issues have taken up most of his offseasons, but not this past one. Why not do a Jimmy Butler and use the summer to improve it?

“It takes times,’’ Rose said, doing little to clear that up. “Usually people try to fix these things throughout the summer. This summer I was just worried about being on the court and working out. So trying to fix it this year, and throughout the entire year. Then next summer gives me another full summer to totally work on only that.’’

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