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Carrie Fisher, Patrick Kennedy here to boost mental health awareness

Actress Carrie Fisher and former congressman Patrick Kennedy — who both have been very public about their struggles with mental health issues — will be in the forefront of a special Veterans Day program in Chicago geared to ending the stigma against mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Under the aegis of the second annual Kennedy Forum, the Chicago Hilton events will include Fisher, Kennedy and a number of key Chicago business leaders participating in 15 conversations and workshops, featuring more than 50 speakers from across the nation. Topics covered will include ways to improve programs for American veterans.

Fisher, who reprises her breakout role as Princess Leia next month in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” will be a featured keynote speaker at the Forum’s evening gala dinner at the Hilton, along with Danielle Green, a former Notre Dame basketball star and Army veteran who was wounded in Iraq..

To view a complete schedule of the events Wednesday, go to