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Cubs are 15-1 to win World Series; White Sox are …

Before the first pitch of the season, the Cubs and White Sox were about dead-even with the oddsmakers.

Not anymore.

The White Sox slow start has dropped them to 30-1 to win the World Series, according to They were at 18-1 to start the season.

Despite a lot of buzz from the North Side, the Cubs are 15-1 to win the Series, down a notch from 14-1.

Some other crosstown odds from

Which team will win more games this year?

Cubs: 1/2

White Sox: 2/1

Which team will have the better interleague record this year?

Cubs: 2/3

White Sox: 3/2

Which team will have more all-stars this year?

Cubs: 1/1

White Sox: 1/1

Which team will score the most runs this year?

Cubs: 2/7

White Sox: 7/2

Which team’s top pitcher will have more wins?

Cubs (Jon Lester): 1/1

White Sox (Chris Sale): 1/1

Cy Young odds for each team’s top pitcher:

White Sox (Chris Sale): 8/1

Cubs (Jon Lester): 25/1