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LeBron James said he can "live with" Derrick Rose's game-winner

LeBron James had a chance to put the Cavaliers ahead with 23 seconds left in Game 3.

James couldn’t get it done for the Cavaliers down the stretch and had to watch Derrick Rose hit the game-winning shot over Tristian Thompson.

The two-time NBA Finals MVP looked at the scoreboard hoping Rose’s game-winning shot wasn’t true.

“When you go out and have a game plan and follow the game plan and they make a shot, you live with it. When you make mistakes during the game plan, those are the ones it is tough to live with. Obviously it is easy for me to say that since the shot was not on me. But Derrick took a tough shots, tip your hat to him. We followed our coverages and the game was not won or lost on that play. We had plenty of other opportunities as they did. They just made one more play than us. We played as hard as we could tonight to get a win. That’s all you can ask.”

James might look stunned in the picture, but after the game, he posted the Rose game-winner on his vine account.