Jinx? What jinx? Cubs are offering playoff tickets

SHARE Jinx? What jinx? Cubs are offering playoff tickets
SHARE Jinx? What jinx? Cubs are offering playoff tickets

The Cubs are offering season-ticket holders the opportunity to buy playoff tickets. Just to be clear, playoff tickets for Cubs’ playoff games.

This has struck some superstitious folks around town as the ultimate example of playing with fire. The Cubs haven’t secured a spot in the postseason, and given the franchise’s woeful relationship with success over the years, the tickets are being seen in some quarters as noogies to the baseball gods’ noggins.

But emboldened Cubs fans don’t want to hear about jinxes, curses or, for that matter, the past. They see a team with a secure grip on the second wild-card spot in the National League, and ardently believe in everything president of baseball operations Theo Epstein is doing, whether it be building a team or clipping a toenail.

It’s not a bad attitude to have, seeing as how the team hasn’t won a World Series since 1908. And speaking of 1908, some fans wish we’d stop speaking of it. What, they ask, does the title-less streak have to do with a young ball club’s soaring trajectory?


Until, you know, it does.

But that’s negative talk, and there’s no room for it. Playoff tickets are on sale for a reason. The Cubs are good.

What could go wrong?

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