Kyle Schwarber makes unusual play in left field like only he can

SHARE Kyle Schwarber makes unusual play in left field like only he can

There are a lot of words to describe Cubs rookie Kyle Schwarber, but graceful is not one of them.

The Cubs have been playing Schwarber in left field of late to keep his bat in the lineup. However, there has been a bit of an adjustment process.

In the seventh inning of the Cubs game against the Brewers Wednesday night, Schwarber chased down a ball headed for the gap.

After nearly missing going head first into the brick wall, Schwarber sat up and attempted to flip the ball to center fielder Dexter Fowler. While the ball made it to Fowler, Schwarber lost his glove in the process.

The Cubs have made a habit out of throwing their glove around while making a play this year.

This is far from the first time Schwarber has found himself flopping around during a game. Earlier Wednesday he found a way to hit a foul ball off the back net that came back to hit him in the stomach.

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During Tuesday’s game, Schwarber had to dramatically dive out of the way of a flying bat. He’s also fallen over the bullpen mound making a catch and tripped around first base on a home run.

Fortunately, for as awkward as it sometimes looks, Schwarber keeps making the play.

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