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Herbstreit takes Northern Illinois over Boston College

ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit has been picking college football games for years. He knows a football upset in the works when he sees one. His son, Chase, recently started picking upset candidates, and he may be better at it than dad.

He’s been on a roll picking upset winners. Last week, he took Ole Miss over then-No. 2 Alabama. Even though Mississippi was in prime upset position, it didn’t look likely because Alabama is a tough team to beat at home. However, the Rebels would march into Tuscaloosa and defeat the Tide 43-37.

This week, Chase is putting Boston College on upset alert against the Northern Illinois Huskies.

Against the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Huskies forced OSU into five turnovers and allowed none of the Buckeyes quarterbacks to throw for more than 100 yards. Even though NIU plays in the MAC, Sunday’s contest proved that some of these smaller schools can be competitive against the nation’s top teams.