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Kris Bryant hit the longest home run of the season Sunday afternoon

Kris Bryant has his flaws, like any other baseball player. But one thing everyone has to agree on is the young Cubs third baseman can hit the ball a really, really long way.

During the Cubs and Diamondbacks game Sunday afternoon, Bryant hit the longest recorded home run in Major League Baseball so far this season.

According to ESPN’s Home Run Tracker, the ball was the farthest hit home run by 11 feet. Miami’s Giancarlo Stanton hit a pair of home runs that traveled 484 feet.

This was far from the first moon shot home run Bryant has had this year. Earlier in the year, Bryant became the first player to hit a ball off of the new Wrigley Field video board, with a home run that went 463 feet.

Bryant’s home run tied up the game for the Cubs against Arizona. Later in the game, the Cubs broke it open with a Miguel Montero grand slam.

They would eventually win 6-4 and sweep the Diamondbacks.

The home run still isn’t the longest ever hit in Wrigley Field. While not officially the longest, Glenallen Hill hit a ball that went over 500 feet, hitting a building across Waveland, in 2000.