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Tom Thibodeau the NBA analyst?

Tom Thibodeau sits at the SportsCenter desk while discussing the Bulls win over the Pistons Monday afternoon. (Photo via ESPN)

Tom Thibodeau is in a good position right now, or at least as good of a position as anyone who was fired from their last job. The former Bulls coach is taking in paychecks from the team while seemingly enjoying basketball from afar.

Instead of taking one of the available coaching jobs, Thibodeau has visited various teams and helped coaches with game plans. Monday night he took on a new role, maybe the most surprising of them all – Thibodeau joined the media.

The typically gruff Thibodeau joined ESPN for their basketball analysis, specifically for the Bulls win Monday afternoon over the Pistons.

It wasn’t the smoothest first showing ever, but it was better than would have been expected. Thibodeau’s insight was welcomed during the Bulls highlights.

He sounded even smoother when talking about the Bulls after the highlight played. The former coach spoke glowingly about the leadership of injured center Joakim Noah and complimented the play of rookie Bobby Portis.

With the exception of appearing to be holding on to the SportsCenter desk for dear life, Thibodeau sounded as if he could bring a welcomed new voice to their basketball coverage.

It seems unlikely that Thibodeau would continue his role as an analyst next year instead of taking a coaching job. However, he wouldn’t be the first grumpy Bulls coach to make a nice transition into a TV analyst’s chair. Just look to Doug Collins for that.