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After watching the Warriors embarrass Cleveland, Bulls will now get their chance

The 132-98 beatdown the Golden State Warriors gave the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday night was must-see film if you wanted a basketball clinic. For the Bulls, who host the Warriors on Wednesday night, it was more like a horror movie.

‘‘We watched,’’ coach Fred Hoiberg said of the Bulls’ film session Tuesday. ‘‘We showed [the players] a couple clips. Didn’t go through the whole film with them.’’

Good call.

‘‘That was as good a performance I’ve seen in a long time,’’ Hoiberg said. ‘‘Especially on the road, going out there and controlling the game the way they did was very impressive.’’

Even more impressive was the manner in which they did it. Heading into the game, 2015 NBA MVP Stephen Curry made news by saying he hoped the visiting locker room ‘‘still smells a little bit like champagne,’’ referring to the Warriors defeating the Cavs to win the NBA Finals at Quicken Loans Arena last year. Rather than making Curry pay for his comments, the Cavs rolled over while Curry scored 35 points in just 28 minutes.

Now it’s Bulls guard Derrick Rose’s turn to take a crack at Curry.

‘‘He’s a good point guard,’’ Bulls All-Star Jimmy Butler said of Curry. ‘‘Runs his team extremely well. Can really score the ball and facilitate it. I’m sure everybody wants to see that matchup between him and Derrick. I want to see it, along with the world.’’

Include Hoiberg in that, even as he paid Curry the ultimate complimen, saying, “He’s the best shooter ever to play the game.” And Hoiberg played on the Indiana Pacers with Reggie Miller.

‘‘Michael Jordan was pretty good,’’ Hoiberg continued. ‘‘He was a different kind of player, though. As far as speed, getting the shot off quick, I thought his dad [Dell Curry] was pretty tough to guard.

‘‘[Stephen] is so unique. It’s tough to compare guys to him. You could absolutely argue he’s the best shooter ever to play this game.’’

What the Bulls (24-16) have going for them is recent history. They went 1-1 against the Warriors last season, including an overtime win on the road in which Rose scored 30 points. Earlier this season at Golden State, they were tied with 5:44 left in the game until the Warriors pulled away to win by 12.

‘‘You see how well they’re playing basketball,’’ Butler said. ‘‘We want to show we’re an elite team just like they are. We have to show up every night, not just for [Wednesday].’’

Asked if he really feels the Bulls are elite, Butler said, ‘‘I think so. I’m not going to sit here in front of you all and say we’re not. I’m on this roster for a reason. I think that we can really win games. So, yeah, I put us up there with the elite.’’

You can also put them up there as short-handed. Joakim Noah had successful shoulder surgery Tuesday and will be out four to six months. Kirk Hinrich is dealing with a thigh contusion and will miss the game Wednesday. Mike Dunleavy (back surgery) is still two weeks away from taking contact.

The Warriors, meanwhile, come to town with just four losses.

‘‘It’s really impressive,’’ Butler said. ‘‘They’re going to keep winning games because they play basketball the right way. But hopefully they don’t win this one.’’

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