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Jason Hammel is looking for a few extra days off this summer

Jason Hammel poses for a picture with Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder. (Photo via @HammelTime39 on Twitter)

Barring an injury, professional athletes don’t usually like to take any extra days off, especially on a team that is expected to be as good as the Cubs this season. But Jason Hammel is asking to use a few PTO days this coming August.

But, to be fair, he plans on spending those off days at Wrigley Field.

Those dates, as many music fans already know, correlate with the Pearl Jam concerts at Wrigley Field.

Hammel is roughly as big of a fan of Pearl Jam as the band’s front man, Eddie Vedder, is of the Cubs. In fact, Hammel used Pearl Jam’s “Alive” as his walk up song throughout the season.

Unfortunately for Hammel, while he would likely have at least one of the days off since he’s a starting pitcher, the Cubs won’t be in town.

Maybe the pitcher will get lucky and Joe Maddon and Theo Epstein will let him stay home for one of the days. Otherwise, he will just have to wait until the next time Vedder is in the Cubs’ clubhouse.