Sorry, Cubs fans, no Wrigley Field turf giveaway this year

SHARE Sorry, Cubs fans, no Wrigley Field turf giveaway this year

Aldermen were told not accept a playoff ticket offer from the Chicago Cubs, and the Ethics Board has reminded them — and other city officials — that a ticket offer form the White Sox is similarly off-limits. | Sun-Times file photo

Never mind, Cubs fans, if you were hoping to snag a bit of history in the shape of a small square of the Wrigley Field turf on which the team played its first winning World Series in 108 years.

Cubs spokesman Julian Green had said before the World Series that the team “very likely” would put out 18-inch squares of the infield and outfield turf for fans to take on a first-come, first-served basis after the season ended, as it’s done after past seasons.

But Green said Monday: “Sod and entire field is gone. We did not make it available for fans and public. Needed to get into full-blown construction mode.”

The team tore up the field so it could begin work on a new, underground club that will be open to fans with “premier experience” tickets.

Last year, the pile of sod the Cubs set out for fans after the season was all gone within three hours.

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