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A fan has started a petition to fire Bulls GM Gar Forman

Gar Forman of the Bulls talks about Vinny Del Negro leaving as coach and the moves to get a new coach . sun-times photo by al podgorski

When a team appears to be in a full-on spiral out of control like the Bulls are currently in, there is plenty of blame to go around. One fan decided to focus most of that blame on Bulls general manager Gar Forman.

After John Paxson was promoted, Forman was hired on as the team’s GM in 2009. Since then, the Bulls came as close to an NBA title since the Michael Jordan years. However, they are now in a tailspin and fans want answers.

Showing their frustration, 3,810 fans have already signed a petition to get Forman fired. The petition hopes to get 100,000 signatures, and while reaching that goal won’t actually accomplish anything, it should get the team’s attention.

Or at least that’s what the petition author hopes.

Sign the petition below to at least help voice your concern about the franchise and let the Chicago Bulls know that their fans aren’t happy with the way they’re running the team into the ground. We pay top dollar to watch our team play, so we expect our moneys worth.

The main gripe with Forman is the lack of offseason moves, specifically trades. While trades in the NBA are never commonplace, the Bulls have been especially inactive. The only trades since 2013 directly impacting players on the floor were the draft day trade for Doug McDermott and sending Luol Deng to Cleveland.

Angry Bulls fans are gathering up their pitchforks and lighting torches. When they storm the castle, Forman, Paxson and the rest of the front office will need to have a good answer.