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Bulls have allowed 100-plus points in 7 consecutive games

The last time the Bulls allowed 100-plus points in seven consecutive games, Vinny Del Negro was the coach. | AP

In December Fred Hoiberg pushed his team to pick up the offensive pace. Problem is, now the other team gets more shots, too. And, they’re making theirs.

For the first time since Vinny Del Negro was roaming the sideline, the Bulls have given up 100-plus points in seven consecutive games.

This wouldn’t be the worse development if they were putting points on the board like the Warriors. They’re not. In those seven games, the Bulls have hit the century mark three times and have won just once.

What’s worse is the 100-plus pattern portends bad things ahead. Take a look at the other NBA teams who regularly allow triple digits.

Besides the Bulls, only two of those teams (Blazers, Jazz) would currently qualify for the playoffs and none are above .500.

Welcome to Hoiball.