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Gillian Flynn’s short story ‘The Grownup’ headed for big screen

Another twisted story from the mind of Chicago author Gillian Flynn is headed for the big screen.

After a reported bidding war among studios, Universal has emerged the victor for the rights to “The Grownup,” a short story published first as part of the anthology “Rogue” and then as a stand-alone book last November. reports that the rights deal adds up to the high six figures. The script will come from TV writer Natalie Krinsky (“Gossip Girl,” “Red Band Society”).

“The Grownup” is about a bogus psychic hired by a rich woman convinced her house is haunted.

The movie version of Flynn’s “Gone Girl” was an Oscar-nominated hit in 2014. Hollywood also took notice of her earlier novels, with “Dark Places” coming out last summer and “Sharp Objects” under development as a limited TV series.