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Ben Zobrist admits he was a Cardinals fan as a kid

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Young Ben Zobrist could likely never forgive present-day Ben Zobrist for donning a Cubs uniform, let alone signing a four-year deal with the team.

In the midst of his first spring training with Chicago’s NL team, Zobrist, a Eureka, Illinois native, admitted that he was actually a Cardinals fan as a kid.

In response to a question posed to him on Twitter asking about his favorite place to sit at Wrigley, Zobrist revealed the ugly truth:

“I never went to Wrigley until I became a player. I was a Cardinals fan,” he said, via ESPN. “I went down to St. Louis once a year on my birthday. Usually the Cubs/Cardinals games were too expensive because they were the rivalry and so the prices were higher. We’d watch the Cardinals play against the Padres or some other team.”

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If not for signing with Chicago this past December, Zobrist’s Cardinals love might have been hard for some Cubs fans to forgive. After all, Eureka is only 137 miles from Chicago, compared to 179 miles to St. Louis, according to Google.

But Chicago fans have proven they have no problem welcoming former Cardinals to their side of the rivalry. Just look at Jason Heyward for example. Heck, I’m fairly certain Cubs fans would root for Yadier Molina, Stan Musial and Tony La Russa if it meant bringing a world championship to Wrigley.

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