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Enough jibber jabber: Mr. T to star in DIY network home renovation series

By his own admission on, Chicago’s own Mr. T may not know a thing about home makeovers, but he’s about to star in a home renovation series on the DIY channel.

In “I Pity the Fool,” (slated to begin airing later this year) the most famous Mohawk in the world will be front and center when Mr. T literally “smashes outdated spaces to give families beautifully remodeled rooms.”

“We’re hooking up homeowners who need help with their renovations,” said Mr. T. “I’m tired of all this jibber jabber — we’re out here getting things done, working hard, demolishing the old and rebuilding the new.”

It’s the latest celebrity-hosted, renovation-focused series on DIY, whose roster includes “The Vanilla Ice Project” (Vanilla Ice), “Daryl’s Restoration Over-Hall” (Daryl Hall), “The Shatner Project” (William Shatner) and “Rev Run’s Renovation” (Rev Run from Run DMC).

It’s not all brute force. According to Variety:

“When viewers tune in Mr. T’s new program, the first episode of which is slated to debut later this years, they will also get something else: a sentimental tale. The pilot will show Mr. T helping out an old associate, a man whom Mr. T visited when the guy was a teenager and had broken his neck while playing in the snow (the man is back on his feet again, with a large family). Future episodes, slated for 2016, are expected to also show Mr. T lending a hand to people who need it, like military veterans or people going through hard times.”

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