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‘No prude,’ but George McCaskey says Bears wary of ‘Hard Knocks’

Chairman George McCaskey said the Bears don't want to be on "Hard Knocks." (Sun-Times media)

The Bears continue to have no appetite to appear on the HBO training camp documentary series “Hard Knocks,” even though they are one of seven teams can be ordered to be on the show.

Bears chairman George McCaskey reaffirmed the team’s long-held stance on WSCR-AM on Friday.

“We wish that program all the success in the world,” he said. “If we’re never on it, that’s just fine with us. Nothing new there.”

He admitted that he hasn’t watched many episodes of the long-running series, but was aghast by some of the things he saw.

“I’m no prude — I grew up around locker rooms, I’ve heard all kinds of language — and I was shocked at the language,” he said. “There’s an intrusive element. When you’re telling a kid that his life’s dream has ended, at least as far as your team is concerned, we think that should be a private thing.”

The Bears are one of seven teams that can be forced to appear on the show because they don’t have a new coach, they haven’t reached the playoffs in the past two years and they haven’t appeared on “Hard Knocks” this decade.

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