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DuPage jury finds HIV-positive man to be ‘sexually dangerous’

Lawrence Adamczyk

A DuPage County jury has found a 52-year-old Rockford man with a history of sex-related convictions and mental health issues to be “sexually dangerous.”

Jurors found Friday that Lawrence Adamczyk suffered from mental illness and was likely to commit more sex-related crimes if he was released.

Adamczyk, who is HIV positive, was immediately committed to the Illinois Department of Corrections for an indefinite period.

He’s been held at the DuPage County Jail since his 2014 arrest for burglary, when he was accused of breaking in to Lake Park High School and trying to lure a 17-year-old student to his car by promising him booze and Viagra.

Adamczyk previously was arrested at a boys high school swim meet in Brookfield. He was also convicted of battery for inappropriately touching minors at a St. Charles health club and at a Rockford mall.

“We have a fire burning out of control,” Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Fleming said during closing arguments, according to the Daily Herald, calling Adamczyk “an HIV-positive man who wants to have raw sex with teenage boys.”