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White Sox don’t hear your ‘Fire Robin Ventura’ chants

Here’s your problem, White Sox fans. Through birth or through your own volition, you follow a baseball team that listens to music only it can hear.

That music is so odd, so lacking a beat or a melody or a clue, that it sometimes takes the ball club to places other professional teams wouldn’t think of going. And there you are, along for the unpleasant ride.

It’s great that you have an opinion about what’s wrong with the club, and it’s possible your opinion is even based on rational thought. But the Sox have never listened to you. They haven’t listened to you about their broadcasters, they haven’t listened to you about their roster and they sure aren’t going to listen to you about their manager.

The Sox will not fire Robin Ventura. So get that out of you heads. Stop with the tweets and the emails and the sack-Robin campaigns. You’d have an easier time getting Warren Buffett fired.

I believe that grassroots movements can make a difference in sports, that what fans think sometimes has a profound effect on owners’ decisions. Just not with the Sox. I don’t believe that Jerry Reinsdorf takes into consideration how frustrated the fan bases are of the teams he runs, the Sox and the Bulls. I don’t think he hears it. How could he with that music playing?

The Sox won a World Series in 2005. You might have heard about that. At the time, no one could have known that the club would use it like a riot shield for the next decade-plus.

Remember, Ozzie Guillen would still be manager if he hadn’t clashed with vice president Ken Williams. Reinsdorf had to choose between the two. Ventura doesn’t clash with anybody. Reinsdorf doesn’t have to choose anything. So he won’t.

And there you sit, watching the same, old story play out. You know, there are other teams to follow.