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Brian Urlacher recalls rumors ‘about being careful with your playbooks’ against Pats

View image | gettyimages.comJust when everyone thought Deflategate and the New England Patriots’ circus-like offseason were finally concluding, more details involving the 2006 Spygate incident surfaced Tuesday. The new findings have many players recollecting their thoughts on interactions with the Patriots that season.

Brian Urlacher said he didn’t remember much about the Bears’ 17-13 loss in Foxborough in November of 2006, but he does recall Tom Brady’s play and how adept the Bears were in turning the ball over.

From ESPN:

“I barely remember that game. I just remember we turned it over five times and took it away four times. That’s the game I got juked [by Tom Brady]. I just remember losing the game. I don’t remember pregame or being worried about what was going on in there.”

“There are some rumors floating around about the night before in the hotels [in New England] about being careful with your playbooks and be careful what you say; there was some of that stuff going around but it’s all hearsay,” Urlacher said.”

Jarrett Bell of USA Today compared the Pats to the Oakland Raiders of the ’70s and ’80s in a column this week. Former Raiders wideout Tim Brown said in the article that the Patriots “seem to be the bad boys of the NFL right now.”