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Kyle Long discusses communication on Bears offensive line

The Chicago Bears offensive line has struggled for the better part of the last decade. This year, the team is looking to try out Kyle Long at right tackle to relieve some of the outside pressure on quarterback Jay Culter.

After mixed results in Sunday’s defeat at the hands of the Packers, Long talked about learning how to communicate with the team’s new right guard, Vladimir Ducasse, in a chat with Silvy and Waddle of ESPN 100.

“He’s a Haitian guy, so he has an extremely thick accent,” Long said with a chuckle.” I’m not quite sure what the accent is. None of us have really figured it out. There’s literally a language barrier at first. He’d be making calls to me and I’d be like, ‘dude, I don’t understand what you are saying.’ We had to come up with our own words and stuff.”

Ducasse, a former second round pick in 2010, is a former backup player for the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings. He signed a one-year deal with Chicago in March.

In Sunday’s game, the Packers sacked Cutler twice and notched five hits on him altogether. The Bears look to reach .500 against the Cardinals Sunday in Chicago.