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Taste of Chicago caters to performers’ dressing-room demands

Billy Idol performs at the Riviera in Chicago. | Kevin Tanaka/For Sun-Times Media

The headliners at Taste of Chicago 2016 have some specific backstage requests, including Cuties oranges, a jar of honey and for some, a hefty paycheck.

According to a story at, performers’ contracts (obtained through the Freedom of Information Act) reveal that The Roots will receive $120,000 to headline the event July 6, with Billy Idol a close second at $100,000 for headlining July 9.

In addition, the story reveals the “riders” to the contracts, in which The Roots, for example, require one bag of natural Lay’s BBQ potato chips and ginger tea to play the show, with Idol requests a dressing room with “ambience appreciated.”

To read the full story, click here.