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Calumet City man accused of killing his ex-boyfriend

Sylvester McDaniels / Chicago Police

A Calumet City man accused of stabbing to death his former boyfriend was denied bail Tuesday.

Sylvester McDaniels allegedly stabbed Anthony Williams three times in the back and three times in an arm on June 6 in the 11400 block of South Indiana.

A person who drove Williams, 59, to the area to work on property he owned near 114th and South Indiana saw McDaniels, 39, confront Williams, Assistant State’s Attorney Becky Walters said.

Another witness driving by later saw McDaniels swinging a shiny object that looked like a knife toward Williams, Walters said. The witness then saw McDaniels hit Williams four to five times and saw Williams stagger back into a fence where he collapsed, Walters said.

The witness left the scene but returned. By then, McDaniels was gone, Walters said.

The witness called 911 and later identified McDaniels as Williams’ attacker, Walters said.

Williams died on the scene.

Prosecutors didn’t say what the men were arguing about. Williams was living with his girlfriend in the city’s Roseland neighborhood and McDaniels was staying there temporarily.

McDaniels, who appeared in court in tan slacks and a black dress shirt, turned himself in Saturday.

McDaniels has previous drug convictions. He also has a pending criminal damage to property misdemeanor from April 30.

In that matter, McDaniels pulled out and broke a window at Williams’ girlfriend’s apartment after Williams refused to give him money, Walters said.