LETTERS: Where are America’s well-informed citizens?

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This retired educator, along with educators throughout the country, are wondering where education went wrong. The prevailing view has always been that the attainment of education would produce well-informed citizens who possessed virtues that would uplift and elevate the human condition.

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A look at current conditions in the country reveals a decline in these virtues. Many of our leaders in the political and business world are educated and at the same time exhibit traits of greed and a lack of civility, compassion and common sense. Class, integrity and character have gone out of style, replaced with crass and vulgar behavior and outright lies. The pursuit of power and prestige seems to trump all of the desired virtues. Self-aggrandizement and loyalty to party tribe and ideology take precedence over the merit of ideas and what is best for the country as a whole

To combat this decline in the human condition, ethics and ethical behavior must be taught and promoted at all levels of education. In addition we have to do a better job of selecting leaders who have exhibited a high level of intelligence, integrity and the ability to place the country and its citizens above personal gain.

Ned L. McCray, Tinley Park

Investigate Pruitt

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, needs to be terminated and thoroughly investigated. This is an individual who does not protect the environment, is against the endangered species act and has a callous disrespect regarding the vital importance of clean air and water. He supports polluters and is an enemy of nature conservationists. He also brazenly uses taxpayers’ money for personal activities not related to his job. Pruitt personifies everything that is untoward about the Trump administration.

Brien Comerford, Glenview

A soulless party

Apparently the “law and order” party only supports law and order when it’s going after poor blacks, poor Hispanics, dissidents and political opponents. But when law and order has got GOP folk in its net on charges far more serious than those that have jailed millions of citizens in this country, law and order is now itself criminal, the FBI must be purged.

The GOP through its history has been, oh, so happy to dish it out, but when it’s time to take it, they cower. Had Donald Trump won on the Democratic ticket, he’d already be impeached. But Trump is Republican, so anything goes. Being in the grip of a foreign power? No problem. Profiting off the presidency? Who cares? Besides, Hillary and uranium! Obstructing justice? Why not? Hillary and emails!

Even some members of Congress who have taken an oath to protect us from such a president through oversight are aligning with the sins coming from the White House. The soulless Republican Party has revealed itself, and that revelation isn’t pretty. How far do things have to go before the rest of the country ends this farce once and for all?

Gale Ahrens, East Village

Moot point

I laughed when I read the article “Trump says he won’t fire Mueller over emails.” Trump’s arrogance is truly in his message for his base. The truth is that Trump cannot fire Mueller, only the attorney general can. However, Attorney General Jess Sessions recused himself and the deputy attorney general became responsible for appointing a special council to conduct the investigation Thedeputy attorney general appointed Mueller to the position of special council and is the only one who could fire Robert Mueller. However, thedeputy attorney general can’t fire just on a whim. Mueller would have to have conduct unbecoming, dereliction of duty, incapacity, or violation of department policies. Thedeputy attorney general has said none of these have occurred. Trump saying he won’t fire Mueller is a moot point.

Melanie Lee, Lake View

Consistent lying

The beauty of the Republican Party is that it is consistent. When they lie, they are all in. Gov. Bruce Rauner is the champion liar, Illinois Division. The most egregious lie he tells in his comical commercials is that he helped Chicago public schools. In reality, he is a lackey for charter schools whose ultimate goal is to supplant CPS and destroy the falsely maligned teachers’ union. He signed a bill for funding for Chicago after he was forced to and after demonizing teachers referring to it as a ” bailout.” He is consistently anti-labor and anti-poor children. So he is, like all Republican politicians, consistently cruel.

Edward David Juillard, Morgan Park

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