MORRISSEY: Vote for the most despised person in Chicago sports!

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Bears president Ted Phillips (left) and chairman George McCaskey listen to coach John Fox and general manager Ryan Pace during an end-of-season news conference on Jan. 4, 2017. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Who is the most hated person in Chicago sports?

To ask that question now is to ask which person associated with the Bears is the most detested figure in town. Timing is everything, and the local “professional” football team is coming off a terrible loss to the terrible 49ers.

But if I had asked that question after the Bears’ debacle against the Aaron Rodgers-less Packers several weeks ago, I’m sure the same names would have come up:

George McCaskey. John Fox. Ryan Pace. Dowell Loggains. Ted Phillips.


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It’s easy to lump all the Halas Hall rogues in one big pile of bad and be done with it. I’m asking you to split Bears here. Pick me a winner. I’ve thrown in some other non-Bears figures in case there’s room in your bile duct for others. And I’ve added thoughts and my Hate Meter Ratings. Feel free to vote early and often!

George McCaskey: Very little his family has done with the product on the field has worked over the last three decades. The chairman has followed the same disastrous pattern of hiring that has haunted the Bears since founder George Halas died. I used to think it wasn’t possible to hate comedic incompetence — it’s like hating the last player on a no-cut team for a lack of athleticism — but I finally saw the light. If you own a sports franchise, you have an obligation to run it professionally. It’s great that McCaskey can trace his roots back to the beginning of the NFL. But the apple fell several suburbs from the Halas tree. Hate Meter Rating: 10 (on a 1-to-10 scale, 10 being “Have you considered a career in sales?”).

John Fox: There is research suggesting the Bears coach once knew something about football. We haven’t seen much evidence in Chicago. He is 12-32 since McCaskey and his consultants hired him before the 2015 season. True, the roster lacks talent, but his team has looked unprepared and undisciplined, two areas that fall on a coach. I’m sure Fox cares. I’m also sure he has a gallbladder, but I can’t see physical proof of either. When the coach looks like a doused campfire, it’s not good. It’s also not good when the coach doesn’t understand the franchise mission statement: Everything this season is about getting Mitch Trubisky better. Hate Meter Rating: 9.5.

Ryan Pace: A perfect McCaskey hire. Polite. Gracious. And the kind of guy who would give quarterback Mike Glennon $18.5  million in guaranteed money for no apparent reason. There should have been improvement in Year 3 of the Boy Genius’ time as general manager. Instead, there has been regression. He gets points for taking a risk by drafting Trubisky with the second overall pick. He gets major points off for leaving the rookie’s development to people who apparently wouldn’t know a quarterback from a Quarter Pounder. Pace probably will get another year of employment, but only because the McCaskeys don’t have the energy for another GM search. Hate Meter Rating: 9.3.

Dowell Loggains: I heard one of the funniest/saddest things I’ve heard in awhile Monday when a sports talk-show host praised Trubisky for his accuracy on short passes against the 49ers. Really? Is that where we are? The bar is set that low? I can’t tell if Loggains, the Bears’ offensive coordinator, is under orders to make Trubisky as nondescript as possible or if it’s his idea to not give him a chance to spread his wings. But the kid looked no different in his eighth game of the season Sunday than he did in his first. Hate Meter Rating: 9.

Ted Phillips: Phillips is the stealth Bear — the Halas Hall ghost who tries to pretend he’s not involved in football decisions but is. Other than owner Virginia McCaskey, the Bears’ president is the one constant in all the losing over the last 30-plus years. And all of us are too nice to hate a 94-year-old woman. Phillips is an accountant by trade and a chooser of football coaches by happenstance. He actually has sat in on job interviews for Bears coach. That’s like a calculator getting a vote for Best Rap Album. Hate Meter Rating: 9.

Gar Forman/John Paxson: The Bulls’ dynamic duo cut ties with coach Tom Thibodeau, who was very successful but didn’t always play well with others. They brought in Fred Hoiberg to unite everyone, and that worked right up until Bobby Portis slugged Niko Mirotic. Forman, the general manager, and Paxson, the vice president, are overseeing a rebuild that looks very grim at the moment. Their slogan: “Thank God no one is paying attention!” Hate Meter Rating: 8.

Jerry Reinsdorf: The chairman of the Bulls and White Sox makes the list for allowing his front-office people to have what appear to be jobs for life. The same men keep making the decisions, and how has that worked? He did win six NBA championships along with Michael What’s-His-Name. Reinsdorf, 81, doesn’t get the kid-glove treatment that Virginia McCaskey does, which might seem unfair. But just because you’ve won and just because you’re getting up in age doesn’t mean you get a pass when things go bad. Hate Meter Rating: 4.

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