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Oliver Platt adds to celebrity ‘parade’ at MCA

Actor Oliver Platt, seen at the Museum of Contemporary Art this week. | Nathan Keay/MCA Chicago

SEEN ON THE SCENE: It turns out the “Merce Cunningham: Common Time” show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Streeterville has become quite the draw for celebrities visiting Chicago. According to the museum honchos, the exhibition has become the biggest magnet for famous folks since “David Bowie Is …” in 2014. In the wake of such stars as Chicago native Michael Pena and Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick checking out the Merce Cunningham exhibit, “Chicago Med” star Oliver Platt has now seen it too.

In fact, the very visually oriented Platt staged the photo of himself seen here — ably aided by the museum’s professional photographer Nathan Keay, who happened to be on site that day. … And… add yet another celeb to those going to see the Cunningham exhibit: Tony winner Jane Adams stopped by the museum late this week too, joined by two friends — happily mulling over the MCA catalogue of the show.