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Oak Lawn woman arrested for Lake County robberies

Jasmine R. Stevenson | Lake County sheriff's office

A woman charged with three north suburban robberies in 2014 has been arrested after failing to appear in court.

Jasmine R. Stevenson, 25, was arrested Thursday after officers executing an arrest warrant found her hiding under a bed inside her Oak Lawn home, according to the Lake County sheriff’s office.

The warrant, which carried a bond of $202,000, was issued for Stevenson on April 13 for violating probation and failing to appear in court in connection with three robberies in October and November of 2014, the sheriff’s office said.

Two of the robberies happened in the 37600 block of North Route 59 in unincorporated Lake Villa, while the third happened in the 36700 block of North Route 83 in unincorporated Round Lake.

Stevenson was being held at the Lake County Jail and was expected to appear in court on Friday, authorities said.