Trump revives stereotype of the ‘ugly American’

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Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic and Donald Trump at a NATO summit of heads of state and government in Brussels on Thursday, May 25, 2017. | Matt Dunham/AP

President Trump’s trip to Europe has awakened a pejorative term: The ugly American. As described by Wikipedia, it’s a term that refers to perceptions of loud, arrogant, demeaning, thoughtless, ignorant and ethnocentric behavior by Americans, especially abroad.

When walking with other NATO delegates, Trump physically pushed aside delegate so he could get front and center for a photograph. The push was noticeable, as was his effort to straighten up his suit. He made no apologies. This was the Ugly American.

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In Trump’s address to NATO, he admonished them in an arrogant, ignorant and demeaning way as he told them to pay up on their dues. Yes, all NATO countries should pay their dues, but there is no reason to make them feel as though they should bow their heads in shame. The United States needs NATO as much as NATO needs the United States.

When we elect a president, we expect good manners and respect for others. Given Trump’s despicable behavior during the election, we should have seen he is not suitable to be president. Now, given his behavior during his trip to Europe, we can see he’s not capable of properly conducting official business concerning world affairs.

Thanks to a free press, we’ll soon find out what plans Trump, Vladimir Putin and Trump’s son in law, Jared Kushner, are making for the people of the United States and Russia. Stay tuned!Dean Koldenhoven, Palos Heights

Is Trump credible enough to ‘scold’ NATO?

I agree wholeheartedly that an American scolding of NATO allies over delinquent funding was long overdue, but how effective is a scolding coming from a man whose credibility is in the toilet? A credible man is a man whose motives are moral and whose morality is predictably consistent. An unpredictable man isn’t worthy of trust and an untrusted man isn’t worthy of respect. A man who is not respected can’t pull off a scold. It would have meant something had it come from Barack Obama or George W. Bush, but Trump?

He can bully and bellow and demand respect until he’s blue in the face, for all the good it’ll do him. He’ll never develop the kind of reassuring, confident character that commands respect. His presidency is a lost cause. Meanwhile, our allies lie awake at night, nervously holding their breath, waiting for the next chapter in the American saga.

Tony Galati, Lemont

Public opinion of media is not good

When I read the papers or listen to the news, I am subjected to a discourse of hate for our governor and president. The media, sadly to say, doesn’t have reporters now days, they have “commentators or editors” who editorialize on their misguided points of view. The people of our state elected a governor and president overwhelming because they were dissatisfied with their predecessors. Yet, the media portrays these elected officials as incompetent individuals rather than ones who are trying to stamp out cronyism and corruption and make our state and federal governments function as they should: by the people, for the people.

John Culloton, Norwood Park

Waging a war with ‘fake news’

The President’s tweets about media are childish and do nothing but continue the silly back and forth between the president and the media. It is entertaining, but hardly productive. Will the President stop his silly tweets in an attempt to heal the breach between his administration and much of the media?

As commander in chief, President Trump should realize that he is in a battle he can’t win and should seek a truce.

Victor Darst, Huntley

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