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Video: David Ross takes a pie to the face for sweet awareness campaign

David Ross takes a pie to the face to raise awareness for Gastroparesis. | David Ross/Twitter

Raising awareness for a serious and rare condition never tasted so good.

The “Pie Face Challenge” is a new awareness campaign taking social media by storm.

Andrew Belliveau started the campaign to raise awareness for Gastroparesis, a rare stomach disorder. Belliveau, who was diagnosed with the disorder nine years ago when he was 11, described Gastroparesis as “living life with the stomach flu every day of your life.”

The rules for the Pie Face Challenge are similar to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which gained popularity on social media in 2014. If you’re nominated, you must post a picture of you taking a pie to the face, share it on social media and nominate someone else to take part in the challenge.

Former Cubs catcher David Ross was one of the most recent athletes to take part in the challenge. He share a video of him getting a pie slammed to his face before getting pushed into a pool.

Ross nominated his former teammate and current Cubs pitcher Jon Lester to do the challenge.

As for Belliveau, he received a gastric pacemaker in 2012 and has felt relief from his nausea since.

Belliveau attributes the success of his awareness campaign to his baseball hero, Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price. Belliveau challenged Price in April to take a pie in the face and he did. Since then, other Red Sox players have participated and the more people are sharing videos of themselves getting pied on Twitter and Instagram.