LETTERS: As Trump falters on environment, some in Congress step up

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A polar bear walks away after feasting on the carcass of a seal on the ice in the Franklin Strait in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Saturday, July 22, 2017. No Arctic creatures have become more associated with climate change than polar bears. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimated in January that about 26,000 specimens remain in the wild. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

I commend the Sun-Times Editorial Board for taking such a strong stance about the dangers of climate change in the recent editorial (“Dangerous climate change hits home,” Aug. 8). I have often heard the sentiment that, in the Midwest, we are largely immune to the effects of climate change, but this report and other evidence makes it clear that rising temperatures will have significant impacts on our entire country, as well as around the globe.

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As the editors rightly point out, our executive branch has shown an appalling lack of leadership on combating climate change. However, the legislative branch has been quietly taking important steps toward addressing these issues.

The Climate Solutions Caucus stands at 52 members, equally Republican and Democrat. This bipartisan group of representatives was recently instrumental in defeating an amendment that would have restricted military research into the effects of climate change on national defense. Although our president and other members of his administration refuse to acknowledge these ever-increasing threats to our planet, other politicians are willing to help and can take action on this issue. We should therefore press our elected officials to find common solutions to save our planet.

Matthew Katcher, Evanston

Learn full story about Balbo

In reading Michael Sneed’s column Thursday morning, I was saddened by the fact that Ald. Edward Burke and Ald. Gilbert Villegas are seeking to remove both a monument and to rename Balbo Drive.My mother remembered Italo Balbo landing on Lake Michigan, and she spoke about the great pride she and all other Italian Americans felt about his accomplishment. Yes, Balbo was a member of the Italian Fascist hierarchy, but it should be remembered that Balbo’s flight to Chicago pre-dated Italy’s alliance with Germany, and both Balbo and Italy were much respected around the world. In fact, Balbo was one of the most vocal against Italy’s alliance with Germany and abhorred Hilter’s racial policies, often confronting Mussolini about them. Both alderman would do well to dig a little deeper into who Balbo was and what he stood for, before painting him with the same brush as they do Hitler, and denigrating the memory of a great man.Joseph Onesto, ManhattanLast straw? A USA Today contributor said that President Donald Trump’s reversal of his original reversal on the violence in Charlottesville “was the last straw for some Republicans.” I can’t help but wonder if this is the last, last straw or if there are more to come. The “camel” bearing that load must be near the breaking point.John Hankes GenevaWhat America is all about

While I am opposed to many groups, both left and right, I realize that is what America is all about. We don’t have to have the same ideologies; we just have to respect each other’s right to disagree. No one, left or right, has the right to physically attack anyone just because they have opposing ideas. Yet it seems today some groups think their ideology is more right than others and seem obsessed with getting rid of those with whom they disagree. Is this really the American way? Of course, we all need to be diligent when it comes to protecting everyone’s rights or else we will become no better than the countries so many immigrants have left in order to be free.

Right now we seem to be on a slippery slope toward eliminating anyone or anything with which we disagree. Many of those opposing our president, ideologies with which they disagree and just thinking life should go the way they “think” is right have become violent and disruptive — blocking major roadways, destroying businesses, using vulgar language, etc. Where are the Martin Luther Kings, Mahatma Gandhis and the other great peaceful leaders who stood their ground on issues yet never condoned violence? I truly believe there are people out there trying to keep the American public in the frenzied state they have been in since the election. This is not the America I have loved all my life until now, and I find it disgraceful to see so many people acting this way.

Janet Lumm, Schaumburg

Real Donald Trump

The real Donald Trump reappeared Tuesday at an impromptu press conference. Whoever it was that took a stab at acting presidential on Monday soon fled with the first question from the press pertaining to the riot in Charlottesville this past weekend.

Trump proved to be anything but a leader and everything that is representative of a true racist. By failing to denounce once and for all the armed warriors of the far right he was in fact lending his support, whether intended or not. It was a shameful loss of control by the chief executive — ever the child and never the statesman. The White House staff, including his supposed handler, General John Kelly, could only stand by in horror as they watched the unraveling of an unhinged president.

But who will be the first Republican to truly stand up to the occupant of the Oval Office? The first one to announce full-throated that Donald J Trump must go! He would have to be a man of courage, integrity, and stature. In other words, no one currently in a party leadership position.

Bob Ory, Elgin

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