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Jay Cutler just killed the Dolphins’ Super Bowl chances

When Jay Cutler signed with the Miami Dolphins, the odds on their chances to win the Super Bowl escalated.

Coming off a 10-6 playoff season under first-year head coach Adam Gase, all arrows were pointing up for the Miami Dolphins this preseason until starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill went down with an awkward fall last week.

With an average No. 2 quarterback in Matt Moore and two untested backups in David Fales and Brandon Doughty, Tannehill’s loss left the Dolphins scrambling for something better.

The Dolphins ended up signing former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler to a one-year deal worth $10 million plus $3 million in incentives.

Some might think this would be a lateral move for the Dolphins, possibly even an upgrade. Not according to the odds.

When training camp opened, the Dolphins were 45-1 to win the Super Bowl, according to Bookmaker. Not that bad considering they have to play in the same division as the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, who are the 3-1 favorite to repeat.

When Tannehill went down with his injury late last week, the Dolphins odds jumped to 63-1.

After the Dolphins signed Jay Cutler over the weekend, the Dolphins’ odds have escalated to 77-1.

Jay Cutler has been to the playoffs once during his 11-year career, going 1-1 as a starter with the Bears in 2010. Tannehill has never played in a playoff game during his six years in the NFL.