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Hosts take snarky Buzzfeed quiz in Ep. 8 of ‘Zebra Sisters’

Leslie Baldacci (left) and Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell have a new podcast, the "Zebra Sisters." | Ashlee Rezin / Sun-Times

In episode 8 of “Zebra Sisters,” a podcast on race relations hosted by columnist Mary Mitchell and former reporter Leslie Baldacci, the hosts discuss abuses of power that have been brought to light through the #MeToo movement.

Leslie takes a look back at her career and ponders the use of sexuality in the workplace.

Mary and Leslie take Buzzfeed’s “What is your bitch percentage?” quiz, and break down their thoughts on the b-word.

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Then, the hosts discuss feeling invisible with age, and they have fun with a list of annoying things said to women over 50.

Mary asks Leslie: What’s the most racist remark you heard a friend say, and what did you do in response? Leslie responds with a story about an uncomfortable situation in a grocery store.